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Company Ltd."Līgaiši" was founded in 2007, with the aim to work in the construction sector, ensuring  the greatest possible range of services provided, with particular attention to each customer's desires. The company has experience in a construction and repair work as well as designing and supervision of construction works of roads.




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Wooden panels and frame house building benefits: reduced costs, speed, quality, unlimited external finishing work options, heat resistance as well as individual projects opportunities.

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We build masonry block home from  airblok, termoblok ect.

The historical wooden houses construction style is log-buildings. As you know - wood, it mean health and energy, so log construction today is more and more popular home construction style. Log construction uses the ecologically clean material. We offer log construction from our project variants and from the customer's projects. Possible beam diameter, 16/18/20/22 cm. In corner connection we use classic technology.

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Sauna in Latvia - it is not just a sauna, but also a place for recreation, entertainment, celebrations and even business negotiations.We offer log construction from our project variants and from the customer's projects. Possible beam diameter, 16/18/20/22 cm. In corner connection we use classic technology.

We realize facade finishing works, building roof repair, building roof reconstruction, general building reconstruction and renovation, room repair – internal and external finishing works and repair, window and door replacement, etc.
SIA "Līgaiši" gives quality assurance to the finishing works in accordance with the Latvian construction low.



We produce a variety of garden furniture from our project variants and fron the customer's drawings, sketches, projects.

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Kitchen - home Center.

We offer kitchen furniture following individual orders.

We make also Office and home furniture (tables, chairs, wardrobes, etc.)

We make furniture from laminate, wood, etc., according to your wish.

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Klajam niedru un lubiņu jumtus.

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We offer wooden profile glass packet window from ecologically clean material. Wooden profile window has a high heat and sound isolation, it provides technologically correctly prepared and processed wood profile.

We also offer wooden doors - interior and exterior. Wooden door is always indicator of good taste and ecologically clean material .

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Scratches on the table, another scratch on the wardrobe door or crack on the table -all this makes wooden furniture visually unhandsomeness. We make old wood furniture and other wooden product`s restoration. Your old furniture will be new again!

We make stone fence masonry from boulder or bricks as well as of the bricks as well as restoring the crumbled, old walls.

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We make paving from concrete, granite and wooden pavement.

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We make and install different sized swimming pontoon, boat pontoon, rafts on plastic and concrete floats.  We offer extra equipment - railings, mooring buoys and other accessories.

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We make area and beach landscaping works - children's playgrounds, greening, stairs, beach locker rooms, rest benches, trash, etc.

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SIA "Līgaiši" also deals with the road designing and supervision of construction works for individual and legal persons. We offer consultative and solutions for road and street reconstruction, bicycle, street, road and parking design.


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Company Ltd."Līgaiši"

Legal address:

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Fax: +371 65652332 ;
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E-mail: ligaisi@ligaisi.lv


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